Operational Content of Redional Innovation Strategy Support Program

Concentration of researchers who play core roles in regional strategy [Kumamoto University, Sojo University, Kyushu University]

By inviting a total of 6 researchers, specifically 3 researchers to Kumamoto University, 2 to Sojo University and 1 to Kyushu University, as researchers to play core roles in the strategy program, R/D of materials and production/evaluation equipment for “Organic Electronics” are promoted utilizing research facilities deployed in "Kumamoto institute for Photo-Electro Organic (Phoenics)" as well as the related knowledge/experience accumulated in local companies.

Development and implementation of human resource development programs to realized regional strategy [Kumamoto Industrial Support Foundation]

The key for success in any new challenge is the "human resources" who will take lead in the challenge. In order to develop the human resources necessary in the region, human resource development programs is developed and implemented, including seminars by leading lecturers inside and outside Japan, training for prototype production/evaluation of organic thin-film devices, and training for high school and university students in the region.

Establishment of knowledge networks of universities and other research institutions [Kumamoto Industrial Support Foundation]

By the two local collaboration coordinators in charge of operational support and patent management strategies, knowledge network among universities, other research institutes, and companies in the region is established to promote matching between technology "seeds" in research institutes and technology "needs" in companies.


Sharing of research facilities and equipment among local universities and other research institutions

By allocating 1 technical support staff member at Kumamoto University and 2 at Sojo University, the universities' research facilities related to organic electronics are shared with companies in the region.